Black History

This edition launches the sixth year of shunpiking and our 5th annual Black History Supplement. Since our December edition we have been hard at work at consolidating our office, developing editorial and preparing the second edition of The Outdoor Resource Directory.

Shunpiking is now the sole publication publishing a Black History Supplement (BHS). Both dailies - the Halifax Herald and the Daily News, part of the Southam media monopoly - have now folded their editorial supplements. The Herald folded its supplement three years ago, replacing it with an occasional series of articles, while the Daily News issued "an advertising supplement" at the end of January. For the dailies, the black community is a commodity. For them, there is no longer a need for history. It is as if all the historical problems have been addressed and solved and today everything is basically OK.

The decision to continue the BHS is our challenge to the "end of history" ideology that permeates the media and the academy. In the shunpiking spirit of discovery we will continue along the path of exploring Black Nova Scotian history - as part of our ongoing project of discovering Nova Scotia - and will even expand to explore African Canadian history: whatever the time of the year. This is a matter of principle, not profit margin.

People's Odyssey, our acclaimed historical Timeline, which has been a core of the BHS, has become much, much too large to be contained in one supplement. It will soon appear in book form, economically priced for families, youth and schools.

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