Confederate flag in Nova Scotia?!

Investigation . The truth behind the increasing display of American white supremicist insignia in Nova Scotia. a shunpiking special report.

This car was first seen in Mahone Bay, NS and then again in Bridgewater. There it was photographed by an indignant reader, who sent the photo to shunpiking with the question: "Why is it that we are seeing more and more Confederate flags on the South Shore?"
The increasing appearance of the Confederate flag in Nova Scotia (pictured) is a disturbing and odious phenomenon. The display of this flag as an emblem of rebellion against the status quo - à la Dukes of Hazzard, the US TV series - cannot be excused, given its symbolism for White supremists.

The Confederate flag today is recognized as a universally accepted symbol of racism and bigotry. It should be banned in Nova Scotia and Canada. Those selling it should be warned, then prosecuted.

We call on our readers to actively educate people about this Confederate flag. -Isaac Saney

"Everywhere I went in the racist movement the Confederate flag waswastika.s flown"

Floyd Cochran, former member of the Aryan Nation, writes: "Often times we hear or have been told that the Confederate flag has to do with heritage. That it does - white privilege; a heritage that enslaved people and exploited people all in the name of white supremacy and the confederacy. Today in the 21st century, racist organizations know that marching and waving the swastika isn't cool. However waving the confederate flag is still acceptable to many. In many ways the confederate flag has become the 21st century version of the swastika…

"At Aryan Nation I was taught that the confederate flag represented: 13 stars represented the 13 lost tribes of white Israel. Red was purity of blood. White was the colour of our skin." -Education & Vigilance Network,

"Not a police issue"?
Constable Brenda Zima, Media Relations Officer at Halifax Regional Police said: "You can put anything you want on your vehicle. It's a personal choice.
Confederate flag
"It is not a police issue."?!

When asked if someone had a swastika license plate, would the police consider that a hate crime, she said that she couldn't speculate about it, but that "we would have to consult with the Crown."

The Crown prosecutor's office didn't return calls. However, an inspector with the Registry of Motor Vehicles, quoting the Driver's Handbook, said that "A motor vehicle must not have any ornaments or decorations, either inside or outside, that are located so they obstruct the vision or distract the attention of the driver." A publicist with the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission said they would entertain a complaint.

Confederate flag license plates are sold through a Dartmouth-based flag store. -Allan McAvoy

More history on the flag

The Confederate flag was merely one of seven flags used - to distinguish soldiers on the battlefield. It was adopted by the Ku Klux Klan after the war, and later by Racist Skinheads, American Nazi Party, Aryan Nation, etc. This flag is an internationally recognized symbol of racism. - Community Action Against Racism. Web:

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