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Published on Feb 2002


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Some real Progress in Britain

Shjunpiking has received from the African and Caribbean Progressive Study Group (acpsg) in London copies of its 24-page newsletter Progress.

The main readership and main target audience of Progress comprises Britain’s African and Caribbean communities, but its orientation points towards national minorities militating as equal members of the polity in the political affairs of England.

The editorial policy of the newsletter sees opposition to racism, which has its source in the British state itself, as a vital component of the struggle to renovate society. It fights against it on the basis that the defence of the rights of national minorities is the defence of the rights of all.

It also encourages and defends the development of the culture and languages of the various African and Caribbean communities in Britain. A generous amount of the newsletter is devoted to ongoing and vigorous discussions on the questions of Culture, Nationality and Identity.

Letter after letter eloquently take up the call that Progress has made to the people of Africa and the Caribbean to discuss the contemporary issues which arise and face the people, and give their views based on their own experience and some investigation. Letters come from Brixton industrial workers and from Adaora, a student at Oxford University ("I am telling you that we [like others elsewhere] have racism beyond political-incorrectness").

The newsletter’s coverage is varied. You will find articles which focus on the further camouflaging of the racist character of the British state, typified by the police investigation and subsequent inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence; the necessity of the people fighting for a pro-social agenda to defend their fundamental rights; critiques of Tony Blair’s theory of the "Third Way"; Africa news reporting, commentary and analyses; items on the developing trade war between the US and the European Union over the banana industries in Latin America and the Caribbean; an investigation of the impact of Eurocentrism on the identity of Caribbean and African people; the evolution of slavery; the evolution of the state with the development of the economic forces. and a condemnation of the militaristic offensive of the United States. It also contains book reviews and an article on the Kwéyòl language of the Caribbean.

acpsg informed shunpiking that it publishes Progress as part of its work to encourage people of African and Caribbean descent to end their social marginalisation and prevent further political ghetto-isation.

In calling for its supporters to read, discuss and disseminate the newsletter, acpsg generates political discussion which advances their community’s participation in and their contribution to political life.

The main method of distribution is through community sales, such as at the Brixton tube stop, and through reader’s groups throughout England where people collectively discuss Progress articles and cultural and political affairs.

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