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  Annual Black History Supplement '2002


On Reparations By Isaac Saney
The Black community has not remained passive but has actively fought efforts to push and keep it at the margins of society. It is from this struggle to assert its rights and its right-to-be that the call and demand for reparations is raised ...

IN THEIR OWN WORDS the right to enslave is null and void, not only because it is illegitimate, but also because it is absurd and ...

The African Diaspora By Michelle Williams
One of the scariest manifestations is that the powerful write history as if ...

An unavoidable moral duty to the victims of racism By Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz
It is high time to put an end to the dramatic situation of the indigenous communities in our hemisphere. Their own awakening and struggles, and the universal admission of the monstrosity of the crime committed against them make it imperativ


What is the central issue THE EDITORS
Since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. and the UK have got used to a high degree of compliance on the part of African governments – and they are no longer prepared to tolerate those that insist doing things their own way ...

For Your Reference: The land question in Zimbabwe settlers who fought against the Ndebele were each given 6000 acres of land. Within a year ...

‘The future of Zimbabwe lies with the people of Zimbabwe’ British government that denies the centrality of the land issue, a legacy of British colonial rule in the former Rhodesia, and refuses to fulfil its obligations to assist financially with land redistribution ...

‘The Third Chimurenga’
Interview with George Charumba, Minister of Information and Publicity, Government of Zimbabwe, by Radio Station CFRO in Vancouver, B.C.
Canada/Nova Scotia

Lessons from Africville By Denise Allen
ASPECTS OF RACISM; THE CASE FOR REPARATIONS. In this address to the Plenary Assembly, UN WCAR on September 6, 2001, the Africville Genealogy Society presents its case to the world for the frst time in history

The Halifax Declaration of Principles and Priorities was adopted on August 10, 2001 by more than 200 local, national, and International participants at an international Symposium in Halifax, Nova Scotia, "the cradle of Canada's indigenous Black Community" ...

Friendship First - The Justin Coward Memorial Tournment By TONY SEED
.. have fun, give 110 per cent, and respect and help others who are fortunate or less fortunate. That’s what education and sports has forgotten, and Justin is putting it back in....

What is important: a coach's letter
They help keep us focused on what is important in an all too competitive world....

Culture & Life


Short Story
Helen & The Everynight Sing-Song By MAXINE TYNES
I’d throw back my head and sing and sing for all my little brown might. And one by one, all of my little stair-step brothers and sisters would sidle up and soon we were a chorus.

Book Review

Some real Progress in Britain By ACPSG
ACPSG informed shunpiking that it publishes Progress as part of its work to encourage people of African and Caribbean descent to end their social marginalisation ...

Naipaul in denial BY PASCALE CASANOVA
it is an even more serious error of judgment at this particular moment in history to give the prize to a hatemonger and ...

Africa for the Africans: Historical Background

Africa at the time of the "Discovery" of America By Sandra L. Smith
"Expedition that crossed in the service of Lord Hiram to conquer ... ..

1885: Cecil Rhodes – Father of the British Empire – on the Importance of Imperialism The Empire, as I have always said, is a bread and butter question. If you want to avoid civil war, you must become imperialists." – Cecil Rhodes

1915: W.E.B. Du Bois on the "African Roots of War" a new peace and new democracy of all races: a great humanity of equal men? "Semper novi quid ex Africa!

• Africa under Colonialism – Maps

• Africa Under Colonialism: The Berlin Conference of 1884-1885

• See also the reference document, "A People’s Odyssey: Timeline (1492–2000)", shunpiking magazine, Black History Supplement, Volumer 5, Edition 32, Februry/March, 2000, pp 13-20

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