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(31 Oct 2003) Two individuals can sign a paper declaring a person a threat, have him or her arrested, held without charge or bail and deported. TONY SEED

(9 Jan 2005) CSIS presents "evidence" at latest secret hearing in Montreal. Accused and his lawyer not permitted to be present and denied access to the information. Update of case of Adil Charkaoui. English and Français en bas.

(31 Dec 2004) The NPR reporter asked how we felt about CSIS claims that secret trials were a necessary evil. "The problem with saying it is a necessary evil is you are still left with evil," came one reply.

(24 Dec 2004) Just another building that thousands of people pass by every day, few knowing the purpose of the facility. "On the 12th day of IRPA why did they detain me?", "Struggling in a winter wonderland", "PJ, the agent", "Away in detention" and other songs of hope.

(10 Dec 2004) The notion of universal human rights represents the aspiration of humanity but it is being trampled by the very governments that have ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including Canada, under the pretext of "national security" and "anti-terrorism". LORNE GERSHUNY

(6 Dec 2004) Will be publicly presented on December 10, International Human Rights Day.

(24 Nov 2004) In his first open letter to the public from prison, ADIL CHARKAOUI draws on Emile Zola's famous letter, J'Accuse, written in 1898 about "the Dreyfuss affair."

(9 Nov 2004) Of the demonstration against Secret Trials in Ottawa and the appearance at the Federal Court of Appeal in Ottawa on the constitutionality of security certificates. English and Français en bas.

(9 Nov 2004) Lawyer challenges security certificate in federal court of appeal. TONDA MACCHARLES, Toronto Star

(28 Oct 2004) Mohamed Harkat takes stand to deny connection to al-Qaeda. ANDREW DUFFY, The Ottawa Citizen

(26 Oct 2004) -- The lawyer for accused terrorist Mohamed Harkat attacked the competence and judgment of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service on the first day of what he called the "Kafkaesque" trial of his client. ANDREW DUFFY, The Ottawa Citizen

(23 Oct 2004) Al-Qaeda suspect was tortured to build case, lawyer to argue. ANDREW DUFFY, The Ottawa Citizen

(21 Oct 2004) There will be a gathering at the Human Rights Monument in Ottawa to support Mohamed Harkat on the eve of his hearing on 25 October 2004.

(20 Oct 2004) Sit-in demands secret evidence being used to detain Canada's secret trial five. MATTHEW BEHRENS

(14 Oct 2004) Open Letter to Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Anne McLellan, raising serious concerns regarding the security certificate process, endorsed by 65 law professors and national and provincial legal networks.

(13 Oct 2004) Two ministers' approval required to label detainees threats to security. CAMPBELL CLARK, Globe & Mail

(3 Oct 2004) The "crime" of photographing the CN Tower led to questioning by RCMP and CSIS, arrest, and two-week detention in an Egyptian prison of Kassim Mohamed. MATTHEW BEHRENS

(17 Sep 2004) One hundred people walked through the streets of Toronto, calling on the Canadian government to release five Muslim men. CHRISTIAN PEACEMAKER TEAMS

(18 Aug 2004) Canada is considering deporting Adil Charkaoui to Morocco but, under the UN Convention against Torture, it is prohibited to deport people to torture.

(24 July 2004) Decision by Federal Court clouded by error and secrecy. English and Français en bas.

(4 Jun 2004) Secret trials continue in the land of trickle-down democracy. MATTHEW BEHRENS

(June 2004) Why are eight different ministers given the Executive power on their sole authority to issue Interim Orders in lieu of laws without first consulting Parliament, and why does the bill exempt the Orders from being even examined in advance for their legality or constitutionality? JAMILÉ GHADDAR

Charkaoui accuser denies links to terrorist attacks
(18 Apr 2004) Alleged "confession" of links to terrorist acts widely publicized by Canadian media are denied by Moroccan prisoner Noureddine Nafiaâ. English and Français en bas.

(1 Apr 2004) Mclellan slams the door on five families seven months after prime minister's office refused a similar request to meet

(24 Mar 2004) "CUPW strongly urges you to take immediate and effective action to ensure that these five men are immediately released or formally charged, security certificates are abolished and deportations to countries where torture is used are ended."

(26 Jan 2004) Canadian Council for Refugees opposes change in the rules for issuing security certificates; certificates now need only be signed by one federal Minister, rather than two.

(12 Dec 2003) Why are death threats against human rights lawyer Rocco Galati not treated seriously?

(10 Dec 2003) On the 55th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. PEOPLE'S FRONT

(1 Dec 2003) A wide range of activists and organizations discuss and share experiences of their collective struggles to oppose racist attacks from the Canadian government and impunity against immigrants and refugees.

(1 Nov 2003) In response to a call from Homes Not Bombs for a National Day of Action to Stop Secret Trials in Canada, rallies were held from Halifax to Edmonton to demand an end to the violations of peoples' rights by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police through the use of these draconian measures.

(1 Nov 2003) -- Twenty five people vigorously picketed the CSIS office, Maritime Centre, Halifax, for one hour on the afternoon of October 31st as part of the National Day of Action.

(31 Oct 2003) We call on Nova Scotians to take an unequivocal stand against the use of force and impunity which turns the rule of law on its head. People's Front (Halifax) o Canada Palestine Association o Homes Not Bombs

(October 2003) The use of secret evidence, a hallmark of dictatorial regimes, is growing in Canada ... the Adil Charkaoui case sets a dangerous precedent by giving the government the right to jail anyone under secret evidence. MATTHEW BEHRENS

(7 Oct 2003) "The same Canadian officials, who found the detention of Mr. Arar without trial or charge unacceptable, should also take action against the lack of due process for detainees that is happening right here in Canada."

(11 Sep 2003) In the case of Victor Regalado, it took 14 years, Quebec government involvement and public outcry to clear his name. In the case of Adil Charkaoui, what will it take? DIANE JOHNSTONE

(11 Sep 2003) The process is medieval. PHILIP FERNANDEZ

(7 Aug 2003) Ottawa in summer is a bustling, energetic tourist town, a political Disneyland, a massive set piece for a potboiler called "Canadian Democracy, Love It or Leave It." But as with any Hollywood North epic, a visit to the set reveals that much is facade, much is myth and make-believe. MATTHEW BEHRENS reports on threats to prosecute witness and defence attorneys at public portion of secret trial for security certificate target Mohamed Harkat.

(1 Jul 2003) Reflections on the bail hearing for Hassan Almrei in a land of secret trials. MATTHEW BEHRENS

(31 May 2003) So CSIS, Canada's national spy agency, says that for "national security" reasons we are not allowed to know the full evidence they are alleged to have against Adil Charkaoui. YAHYA ABDUL RAHMAN

(May 2003) -- Residents of Toronto up early on Saturday morning might be forgiven for thinking they were either on the set of Arnold Schwarzenegger shoot-'em-up flick or in the middle of a growing police state. MATTHEW BEHRENS

Legal Rights; Criminal Procedings; Equality Rights; Affirmative action programs

Security Detentions; Protection of Information

(24 Sep 2004) Review of and excerpts from testimony by government mandarins on security detentions

(24 Sep 2004) House of Commons Subcommittee on National Security discusses Project Thread

(May 2004) French only. Constitutional challenge to security certificates in summer 2003 by Adil Charhaoui. It was heard in appeal at the Federal Court of Appeal in Ottawa on 8 November 2004. The decision awaits.

(31 Mar 2004)

(14 May 2003) A Report by the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG) in response to Justice Canada's 1st annual report on the application of the Anti-Terrorism Act (Bill C-36)

More on "Covert Entry": Much of the media ensured that Canadians were kept in the dark about the illegal wrong-doings of Canada's secret service. JIM BRONSKILL
(24 Oct 2002) More on "Covert Entry": Author says CSIS has "special relationship" with media. Interview with ANDREW MITROVICA

(22 Apr 2002) The story of a whistleblowing CSIS and Canada Post Security Inspector who spied on postal workers, illegally intercepted the mail of innocent people, and stole Crown keys to get into apartments and mail boxes with impunity. Information Bulletin of CUPW

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