Step up the struggle to provide human rights with a guarantee!

(10 December 2003) -- DECEMBER 10 marks the 55th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On this occasion, the People's Front hails all those in Canada and around the world who are fighting to have human rights recognized as inalienable and guaranteed to all human beings. This is being done in the face of the most brutal attacks on countries, nations and peoples of the world, led by the US imperialists and its allies such as Britain and Canada which have put the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in such disrepute.

Internationally, the US "war on terrorism" has been used as a pretext to violate international laws and commit crimes against humanity and war crimes with impunity. This was made clear in the illegal war and occupation of Iraq and the continuing occupation of Afghanistan while the crimes against the Palestinian people are the blackest mark on the United Nations system. US imperialism has threatened force, blackmail and carried out disinformation campaigns against countries such as Cuba, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Zimbabwe and others. These wars of aggression, threats, blackmail and economic sanctions are part and parcel of the US imperialist quest for world domination, including the domination of Canada. In this, the Canadian state plays a pernicious role as handmaiden to US imperialism at every turn.

Part and parcel of the way Canada operates is to conciliate with the arrangements established after the Second World War which includes US imperialism's illegal activities around the world and suppression of the rights of people at home. The anti-terrorism laws which have been enacted have been used to curtail the civil liberties of Muslims, Canadians of Arab origin, South Asians and others who have been racially profiled and targeted in the "war on terrorism." The human rights of so-called aliens and immigrants are violated in the name of national security as a prelude to violating the rights of anyone who does not accept the status quo or "Canadian values." Hand in hand with the violation of the right to conscience has been the escalation of the anti-social offensive. People's human rights to a livelihood, housing, universal publicly-funded healthcare, security and prosperity and the highest quality education for all are under attack with greater brutality everyday.

On this 55th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Canadians are increasingly concerned about the government's corruption of notions of justice to pay the rich in Canada and abroad and the brutal demand that all of society's members and collectives subordinate themselves to this self-serving conception.

The People's Front calls on all Canadians to vigorously step-up the struggle against US imperialism, against the attacks of the Canadian government on civil liberties, especially those of Canadians of Muslim, Arab and South Asian origin, immigrants and refugees, in the name of fighting terrorism. We call on all Canadians to resolutely oppose the annexationist pressure exerted on Canada by the US and oppose the violation of international law and uphold our national sovereignty. Finally, we call on all Canadians to fight as one united people in defence of our economic, political, cultural and social rights.

Take a Bold Step in Defence of the Rights of All!

Annexation No, Sovereignty Yes!

Another World Is Possible!

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