Secret trial detainee Charkaoui denounces CSIS "dirty tricks"

Press Release from the Coalition for Justice for Adil Charkaoui

MONTREAL (9 January 2005) -- THE COALITION for Justice for Adil Charkaoui denounces the latest secret hearing in Adil Charkaoui's case. Last week, CSIS again presented information to Federal Court Judge Simon Noel in a closed hearing. Charkaoui and his lawyer were not permitted to be present and are denied access to the information.

"I am thoroughly disgusted by these games and demand a fair trial with full disclosure," said Charkaoui. "It is clear why they are using this abusive process -- they have no case against me which would stand up to a fair trial. They have no case against me because I am innocent."

The public summary of the secret evidence reveals nothing more than allegations which were broadcast by the media in April 2004. The Coalition for Justice for Adil Charkaoui organised a press conference to respond at that time.

Last week's secret hearing came six days in advance of a public hearing in which Charkaoui was to present the results of a polygraph test to support his innocence. This is not the first time that the timing of steps taken by CSIS has seemed strategic.

"Why is this being re-visited now, eight months after it first appeared?" asked Hind Charkaoui. "Not only is my brother facing a process that is manifestly unjust, he is also subject to CSIS's dirty tricks."

Adil Charkaoui is one of five Muslim men who are being held without charge under a "security certificate", a discriminatory measure which applies only to Canadian residents who have not received citizenship status. Mohammed Mahjoub, the longest held, has been detained for four and a half years. All five men face deportation to places where Immigration Canada and Amnesty International believe they risk torture and further abuses of their rights.

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Coalition Justice pour Adil Charkaoui
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Regard Adil Charkaoui Dossier (en Français)

UPDATE on Adil Charkaoui's case

15 November 2004

a. Bail review. Charkaoui, because he is a Permanent Resident and not a refugee, has a detention review every six months. The next one is on 10 January 2005.

b. Constitutional challenge. Charkaoui launched a constitutional challenge to security certificates in summer 2003. It was heard in appeal at the Federal Court of Appeal on 8 November 2004 (factum attached - french only). We are awaiting the decision.

c. Security Certificate. The security certificate has not yet received any kind of judicial review. It will be reviewed in the Federal Court 21 to 25 February 2005.

d. Protection. The Border Security Agency rejected protection for Mr. Charkaoui in August 2004, disagreeing with Amnesty International and Immigration Canada that Mr. Charkaoui risks torture, cruel and unusual punishment and death if deported, and stating that risk of torture should not be a barrier to his deportation. That decision will also be reviewed by the Federal Court. This
hearing will take place 4 to 8 April 2005.

e. Refusal of judge on grounds of bias. Charkaoui argued that he should have a new judge since decisions have shown a bias. Lost on the first instance (the demand was heard by the judge himself), but an appeal has not been ruled out.


15 November 2004

a. Revue de la détention, M. Charkaoui, parce qu'il est résident permanent, a droit à une revue de sa détention chaque six mois. La prochaine aura lieu le 10 janvier 2005.

b. Appel sur la constitutionnalité. M. Charkaoui a lancé un appel sur la constitutionnalité. Cette requête a été entendue le 8 novembre dernier en Cour fédérale d'appel. Nous attendons une décision. (Regard Adil Charkaoui Dossier)

c. Certificat de sécurité. Il n'y a toujours pas eu de révision judiciaire du certificat de sécurité. Il sera revu par la Cour fédérale du 21 au 25 février 2005.

d. Protection. La Border Security Agency a rejeté la protection pour M. Charkaoui en août 2004. Cette décision sera également revue en cour. L'audience aura lieu du 4 au 8 avril 2005.

e. Demande de récusation du juge. M. Charkaoui a demandé une récusation du juge en raison de sa partialité. Cette requête a été perdue en première instance (la décision a été rendue par le juge lui-même) mais il pourrait toujours y avoir une demande en appel.

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